Metal Roofing Vancouver – Installation & Roof Repair in WA

Metal roofs are becoming an exceptional option for homes in the Greater Vancouver Area. They are proving to be quieter than previous applications and are built to take on the toughest storms. These roofs are durable and low-maintenance and what is great is they have a lifespan that is longer than most homes.


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Our Services
In the whole of Vancouver WA, we offer the best, quality and affordable services. The services we offer are copper roofing, aluminum roofing, galvalume steel roofing, galvanized steel roofing, tin roofing, and metal roof repair. We’ve been able to work with numerous clients who are satisfied with our services and have refereed us to several other people. We are reputable for the quality services we provide and the result of the services offered. Our services cut across every are of Vancouver and is available to everyone, regardless of their status. Follow Us for more details Please. 


Composition Roofing

All of our composition roofing shingles are sold as manufacturer’s seconds. This means two things: First, there is no warranty; and Second, they are priced very attractively. There are a number of reasons a shingle may be listed as a second: from the color mix being off slightly, the weight or size being off, or some other reason. What we don’t purchase are physically damaged shingles. These shingles are usable, but their potentially slight flaw precludes them from being sold as a warrantied product. We recommend our customers come in and see the shingles for themselves; then decide if they will work for their application.

What we find, is that most people are very pleasantly surprised by the quality of these shingles, and even more pleased with the savings that they achieve.

At any given time we will have Architectural Style Laminate Roofing, 3-Tab roofing, Starter shingles, Rolled Roofing, and sometimes Hip & Ridge seconds all available, but please stop in or call ahead for availability because our inventory varies daily. Try and plan ahead during the Summer months if you want to take advantage of these good deals as the roofing goes very fast.

We have a large variety of metal roofing

Metal roofing is durable and isn’t prone to mold growth or rotting. Our metal roofing comes in a variety of colors and many styles, including:

Delta Rib
Delta rib roofing is a light gauge metal with large ribs interlaced with smaller ones for strength and durability.
Standing Seam
A standing seam roof has a raised standing and is made up of continuous panels held together by seam fasteners.
Corrugated metal roofs is a roofing material that is strengthened by folding to make ridges and grooves with a similar look as delta rib roofing.
Metal Shingles
This roof type has a similar look as traditional shingles but with the advantages of metal such as high weather resistance.