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Some Vancouver residents will let their roofs age much longer than is recommended, and while it is true that you can buy some more time by patching damaged areas, if you wait too long it can lead to bigger expenses later on. Don’t let water destroy your valuable roof. Turn to us for quality reroofing services. Install a beautiful, long-lasting roof for your home at an affordable price. Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED when you choose PNW Roofing And Remodeling LLC, for your roofing needs.

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PNW Roofing And Remodeling is a CertainTeed Select Shingle Applicator that countless homeowners have trusted for comprehensive roofing services, including full roof replacements, roof repair, and roof maintenance. Our roofing contractors begin every project with a thorough roof inspection, which allows us to provide a detailed assessment, expert recommendations, and an accurate estimate.

Our team specializes in roof cleaning and repairs exclusively so that you receive the highest quality service. We do not offer full roof replacements so you can rest assured that we will never recommend a roof replacement that you don’t need. We will, however, tell you if a full roof replacement would be in your best interest. We’ll suggest only the repairs and services that we know will benefit your home.

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More Than Just A Roofing Company

Our services extend beyond roof replacements. We are a team of full-service roofing contractors, providing roof repair, installation, and cleaning in Vancouver, Portland, and the surrounding areas. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning can extend the life of your roof. A damaged roof can lead to much bigger problems and compromise the structure of your home. We offer a wide range of services to help save you money and provide a one-stop-shop for all your roofing needs. Get to know more about us.

1. Schedule A Free Roof Estimate
Scheduling your free estimate is as simple as a phone call. We will discuss the issues you’re having and talk about your goals and needs. We understand that you are busy and that problems with your roof rarely happen at a convenient time. We will schedule your appointment at a time that works best for you. Call us today!

2. Roofing Inspections & Written Proposal
Unlike other companies, we will inspect your roof in-person to ensure that we have a full scope of the work involved. From experience, we know that a contractor must understand every aspect of roofing to identify current and future potential problems. After the inspection, we will prepare a written proposal (Same Day) that includes all options and submit it to you for approval.

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3. Schedule Your Project
Once you have decided on materials and colors, we will work with you to arrange the project around your schedule. We strive to make the experience one you will brag about to family and friends. Our goal is to install, repair, or clean your roof quickly so that you can get back to your daily routine and leave the stress of roofing problems behind you.

4. Project Commencement & Completion
Shortly before we begin your project, we will gather and deliver all of the materials to your location. We will inventory all the materials to ensure that we have everything we need to complete your project as quickly as possible. Occasionally, the weather will factor into our scheduling, but once we begin, we will complete your project before moving on to the next.

Get a beautiful roof and protect the earth and it inhabitants at the same time!

Here are some of the practices that you should carry out during the roofing process to protect the environment.


Eco-friendly practices
Ensure all the work done during the roofing process is in line with eco-friendly practices. This starts by hiring a qualified contractor who will ensure that everything is organized nicely and all the unused materials are collected and separated according to their use. The contractor will also ensure that the amount of energy used when roofing is minimized. He should use the right cooling and heating methods to conserve the energy. Do not throw all your good materials in a pile somewhere. Ensure they are well organized and appropriately kept for future use.

Green Roof
A green roof is a roof which is made from living plants over a waterproof membrane. Depending on the roof, they usually include particular drainage and irrigation systems. These roofs, which are often thought to be the gold standard among environmentalist, are difficult to install and relatively new to American communities. Each green roof is unique and requires a good amount of planning before installation to ensure they are sustainable in your climate.

The benefits of a green roofing system include increased oxygen output and pollution reduction, reduced stormwater drainage, and increased effectiveness of heating and cooling systems. Further, green roofs may also help to reduce noise and burn at a much slower rate than the traditional roof.



Protecting the environment is an obligation of every person and is for the good of every living creature and the future generations. With many eco-friendly roofing options available, you have no excuse as to why you should not protect the environment when roofing.

Eco-friendly roofing practice is not so difficult to implement either, and all you need is the willingness to do so. Ensure you consult an experienced roofing contractor to help you choose the best roofing materials as well as carry out the best environmental friendly roofing tips possible.

There are many different ways to roof a home, and an eco-friendly is just one style. PNW Roofing And Remodeling is here for you and can help your roof go on fast and smooth no matter what form or material you need. Call us today, and let’s find your perfect roofing style.

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