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PNW Roofing & Remodeling has focused on high-quality roofing, crawl space insulation, and attic insulation that is nearly maintenance-free and built to resist the ever-changing demands of our state. To guarantee the highest quality work PNW Roofing & Remodeling has a devoted team of roofers and insulators that provide our customers with total satisfaction. Follow Us for more details Please.


Cedar has been used on roofs for decades in the Pacific Northwest, mainly because the region has such an abundant supply (mainly from Canada). It’s been thought to improve the overall aesthetic value of a house, which also increases its property value. However, cedar is also more expensive and needs more maintenance than other types of roofing materials. The main threats to cedar roofs are parasitic growth, such as lichen, moss, and mold that will undermine its strength. Over the years, a great deal of research has gone into finding a solution to this problem, and products have been developed to protect against these invaders. This makes cedar much more viable and less of a hassle to maintain.


Metal roofing materials are extremely water-resistant and have recently made remarkable advancements in the style department. Panels and shingles made of metal are now available in attractive styles and colors, and even come designed to mimic other materials, such as cedar shake or slate. While the lifespan of a metal roof will vary by the manufacturer and specialized coating, a properly installed metal roof can last up to 50 years. Ask any other roofing company in the area and they’ll tell you that if you are willing to consider it, a metal roof is an excellent choice for our rainy and windy climate.


You don’t see too many tile roofs around here, but they’ve been catching on over the past few decades. The main advantage of clay tiles is their extreme durability, but they are much heavier and more expensive than other materials. They are not a great choice for a roof in the Pacific Northwest. Because they are extremely vulnerable to problems that arise from a damp climate. When made correctly, clay tiles have the potential to last for more than a century. Concrete tiles are slightly less expensive, although just as heavy and won’t last as long. However, both clay and concrete tiles will increase the curb appeal and property value of a home. But they are available in quite a few designs like flat, ribbed, or even scalloped.

Reasons why roof maintenance is important

Although many homeowners give little thought to the care and maintenance of their roof, it’s actually one of the most important elements of a home. A healthy roof protects your home from the elements, saves energy, helps avoid serious leaks, adds curb appeal and value and can even help keep your family healthy.

Retaining Beautiful Design

The roof has a beautiful design that compliments the rest of the house. Through regular maintenance, you ensure that the roof retains its beautiful design. Regular maintenance is one of the most effective strategies for beautifying your home. The building’s quality suffers a lot when you don’t focus on maintaining its roof. The roof’s design can suffer incredibly if you don’t get a roofer to maintain and check it for damages.


Reducing Risks

Weather changes present huge risks for your home. The structural stability of the home can suffer when the weather changes. The roof is equally susceptible to suffering when weather changes. Heavy rains accompanied by storms can destroy the roofs. Even where weather changes don’t destroy the roof completely, it can damage it. Regular maintenance helps to identify the problems that weather changes have created, thus making it easier for you to apply solutions fast.

Saves Money

Regular maintenance is great because it helps the homeowner to save money. Without the benefit of regular maintenance, your roof could develop several problems that grow increasingly worse with time. If the problems remain on the roof for a prolonged period, they would cost you more to repair. In some instances, the problems would necessitate replacing the entire roof, which would cost you more money. Maintenance saves your pocket and finances.

Therefore, it is clear here that regular maintenance is beneficial to the roof. The entire house also benefits from regular roof maintenance. Your finances continue serving you longer if you invest in regular maintenance. The design of the roof and the structure of your house remain in great condition if you pay for roofing maintenance services. If you struggle to maintain the roof, hire a professional roofer to do this for you.